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Leo January Horoscope Predictions - Dear Leo, you are indeed a strong character amongst all the sun-signs. You are the Vocabberry - Mind Your Words, Dec 26, , IST 40K 0 Leo January You are born to rule! 6/6. 6.

But if that is not the case, then you will take a different route through the influence of Uranus. February shows an active and social month of collaboration. During this period you can experience stress at work and problems arise when expressing creativity at work or in daily life. From June 21, , the Summer Solstice, you can count on business success. The total Solar Eclipse of July 2, and retrograde Mercury in Leo from July 7, can be seen as a period of professional challenges and smart solutions.

The Solar Eclipse of December 26, in the House of Work can be seen as the icing on the cake and you can look back on a successful year.

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Finances The year is a true year of career. As a result of developments in your career, more money comes in such as another job, salary increase or more turnover in your company. All in all a favorable financial year. Because there is more income, there is also room to do nice things.

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Leo in marketing, investments, shares or in business with foreign countries or abroad, will make a substantial profit in The period from February 19, until the end of April is a favorable financial period. The Full Moon in Scorpio of May 18, shows a financial reward and that is reason to focus on a long-term investment such as the purchase of real estate.

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This influence indicates a major financial improvement, but also shows new and unexpected expenses. During this period you have to fight for what you have and to keep it. The month of September shows that teamwork, partnership and cooperation can be rewarding.

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From December 3, , the great Benefactor Jupiter travels through Capricorn and that shows a bigger sales in the company, salary increase or better paid job. Family and Home The year is focused on older family members and children. You need to compromise more than once in the relationship with your family. Cooperation is a topic this year, in your family as well. From March 21, , the Spring Equinox, an intense period of harmony and warmth begins. Retrograde Mercury in Pisces from March 5, to March 27, shows a busy and stressful period at work.

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During this period, there may be tension at home. Try to find the balance, because chances are that you may become ill during this period. The total Solar Eclipse of July 2, shows that there are challenges at home involving your work.

Your charm and social skills are the way to the solution. Retrograde Mercury from 7 to July 31, in Leo can lead to problems at home related to money, your work or involvement. Venus travels through Scorpio from October 9, to November 1, A favorable period to renovate and clean up your house.

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During this cycle, your attention goes out to personal matters, family, problems around your home, family, personal past and loved ones. The Red Warrior Mars marches from November 20, until January 3, through your House of Family and Home and this transit also offers energy at home, repairs, re-decorating or domestic activities.

From November 27, Neptune is direct in Pisces again. And this is also an indication that this is the best period for a move or renovation. The end of the year shows a cozy get-together or a joint holiday.

Leo 2020 Horoscope – Love, Health , Money & Career

Health The year is all about career. You are bursting with energy.

Because you consciously or unconsciously are setting the bar a little too high for yourself, it is possible that stress can lead to health problems. You are highly intellectual, however, probably not so good with practical details and follow-through. Your intuitive powers are very strong, and delving into spiritual matters and philosophical ideals is much more important to you than just managing the details of day-to- day life. Your ability to stick to your guns alongside your outgoing, charismatic attitude will have you turning heads, making moves, and doing important things in this lifetime.

Seek opportunities that will allow you freedom and independence! What it means is that you are especially in-tune with the feelings, fears, hopes, and needs of everyone around you.

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The humanitarianism of Aquarius combines with the empathy of Pisces to help you -- or maybe force you -- to take compassion and understanding to new heights. You absorb the feelings of those around you and have a genuine desire to help others.

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  5. The emotions of the world can often be negative, and could make you feel depressed or overwhelmed from time to time. Allow yourself the same love you so willingly give to others. Your innate sensitivity and love for humanity make you a very kind, caring, and generous individual. Others are attracted to your selflessness and ability to see the world with all- encompassing compassion and understanding.

    You make a delightful partner! You have a lot of love to give and have an even greater understanding of how your partner wants to be loved. Earth signs will appreciate your sensitivity and your unwavering compassion, and will help keep you grounded with their firm grasp on reality.