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Leo January Horoscope Predictions - Dear Leo, you are indeed a strong character amongst all the sun-signs. You are the Vocabberry - Mind Your Words, Dec 26, , IST 40K 0 Leo January You are born to rule! 6/6. 6.

There is a global phenomenon that is perplexing many individuals in regard to numerical synchronicities and in particular, the number and the meaning behind Our personality, as well as trials and limitations.

How to make birthday cap at home /DIY birthday cap ideas -Shamina's DIY

Mysteries of life and like to heal. She is independent, has experienced her share of adventure in life, or so she thinks, speaks her mind and doesn't give a fig what others say or think. It's nice to look over your shoulder at a friend who has been there for you. This mansion is called gui which roughly translates to ghosts. Its ruler, establishes a strong sympathy between the native of this sign and the interests. Astrology of today- an overview. With some of their folklore attached.

Mini paper top hats for parties

The ill effects that nadi dosh poses can be lessened. Any such pressure will fail and cool the little opportunity for good relations. Who cannot stick to any adhesion??. Rabbit-rooster compatibility. She top indian astrologers is a well known, leading, eminent indian astrologer tarot consultant , one of the top most astrologers in india and ha been reading tarot cards at the itc maurya sheraton hotel, new delhi, for more than 20 years.

Video horoscopes for each sign. Communication, thinking, ideas and relationships air. A first date between gemini and aquarius should be at a fantastical play or movie. Always looking for a challenge. Hello friend, our site has moved to a new address. Please click here. Got it! Personality Love Money Health. Your Daily Horoscope.

Your Monthly Horoscope. Like my wood burned shelving? The shelf provided the perfect place to store stuff too! Optionally you can draw faces on yellow balloons. Unfortunately I printed the lego heads on paper and not card stock so they had folded by the time I took the images. Download the lego head template here.

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I debated long on how I was going to make THE lego cake. In the end I settled for a coloring free version of brown and white blocks. Now I am not so creative when it comes to making cakes and things! But this one came out ok for a mom who hardly ices her cakes. TIP: I remembered a tip from my own mother when making this cake and the tricky icing. Fill a cup with boiling water and use a metal knife that has been heated up in the cup to melt and smooth out the icing as you go.

This helped tons when I was molding the icing around the lego buttons. I used a round cookie cutter for those!

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For a lego cake topper well beside mine We made a little platform with a lego 6 on it and little lego men holding thin candles. The birthday boy himself was rather pleased with his party and everything lego themed. I even made him a shirt the night before by tracing off this lego man template with fabric pens and coloring it in. This was also a hit! A smiley! I think the kids rather enjoyed the party and all the snacks.

Most of them went straight for the watermelon but once the cake was brought out it was eagerly eaten all up! As usual, I relit those candles a few times. What is the fun in just blowing things out once on your birthday when you are so little. The birthday boy and his brother they are not twins just 15 months apart both loved those long candles.

The biggest hit though had to be the lego table my husband put together the night before.

Here is a picture of the next morning when he put his party hat back on and got down to serious lego building business! I also moved the lego bunting and used blue tack to stick it to the wall.

Blue Birthday Hat Template with Spirals Download

Curious of what we bought our lego crazed 6 year old for his birthday? Here it is! I might have gone a little overboard! This is so cute. Finish off your party hat with any embellishments or details you like. Add a ball of yarn to the top if you want, or glue on some tassels. The fun of making your own party hat is decorating it however you like, so get creative!

Create a party crown with the same materials as the party hat. The party crown is a fun alternative for the partygoer who prefers a more royal head topper. At a birthday party, you can even make a party crown for the birthday boy or girl, and stick with traditional cone-shaped party hats for the other partygoers.

Birthday Certificates

Fold a long sheet of paper in half, widthwise. The paper should be at least 14 inches long and 8 inches wide legal size , or long enough to fit around the top of your head. Folding the paper will help you cut the crown points into the paper more quickly and evenly. Cut a row of small triangles from the top of your paper to make crown points. Start at the folded side of the paper, and cut the triangles along the top of the paper.

The triangles should be about 2 inches wide and 2 inches long. When you unfold it, the top section of your paper should have a zigzag pattern, making the points of a crown. Overlap one end of the paper over the other to make a circular crown.

Depending on the size of crown you want, you'll need to adjust the paper to make a larger or smaller circle. Place the crown your head and overlap the ends together until the crown feels comfortable on your head. Use a pencil to mark where the ends meet so you'll know where to adhere them together. Tape, staple, or glue the ends of paper together, creating a seam. Use the pencil marking you made as a guide for making the seam. If you are using glue to make your crown, let it dry before continuing. Decorate your party crown.

Use glitter, paint, stick-on jewels, or any other decorations you see fit. Have fun and be creative with your decoration. Wait until any glue you've used is dry before wearing your crown. Add embellishments by cutting shapes out of paper and gluing or stapling them to the crown. You may need to adjust the sizing for your head though. Yes No.

Give Your Octopus a Paintbrush (or 8): It's a Party Hat!

Not Helpful 1 Helpful 7. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 3. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Tips Party hats are thoughtful, fun gifts to give to your friends on their birthdays. Write a friend's name on her hat, and decorate it with her favorite things. Things You'll Need Paper. Edit Related wikiHows. Article Summary X To make a party hat, you'll need some colorful tagboard or construction paper. Did this summary help you? Made Recently. Did you try these steps? Upload a picture for other readers to see. Upload error.

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