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Leo January Horoscope Predictions - Dear Leo, you are indeed a strong character amongst all the sun-signs. You are the Vocabberry - Mind Your Words, Dec 26, , IST 40K 0 Leo January You are born to rule! 6/6. 6.

The numerology marriage vibration is utilized by numerology to find the vibrations within a happy marriage. The name and date of birth expressed through a formula show the intention and the past history of the individuals in the relationship. Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. As each member has its own separate migrations numerology works upon the belief that these vibrations influence dramatically the success or failure of a marriage. Wedding numerology can determine what the wedding day will hold not only for you but for your partner and your future.

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Birth month December and its significations - Numerology.

Try The Karma Quiz Now!! Some will say that all marriages are decided within the heavens by the divine. This year is promising your prosperity.

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Reunion with family members and friends will keep your spirits high. Be cautious in personal life. It is a good year for your career initiatives. You may desperately look for a change in the nature of your work.

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There may be decent growth for your earnings through different sources. Proper care should be taken in all official communications. Money flow would be fine, bank balance will increase.

Next one year is going to be one of the best periods of life. So grab opportunities and make better future. You are going to have the best time of your life, as your job will bestow you with extreme respect. Improved money inflows would stabilize your position. You may find a new source of income or higher gains. Remember, you are not always right.

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Minor differences may transform into heated debates. Love matters will have to be handled carefully. Changing your reaction to problems or offering more love than usual will help bring your family, friends and loved ones back to where they should be — loving you. Do keep an eye on what is happening around you.

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Communication will remain the key to a happy relationship. There will be love, mutual respect, and confidence among couples. It is a great possibility that you will possess fairly good health throughout the year. Common cold, cough, and knee pain may take place. There are lots of superstitions and wedding traditions practiced even today that support the idea of good luck being wished to the bride and groom. Some cultures believe if it rains on your wedding day or if people throw rice while leaving the church, your marriage will be blessed with good luck.

Some cultures swear by the old, "something old, something new With options, picking the perfect day for your nuptials can seem like an overwhelming task, not to mention planning a wedding, and chances are you want it to be the most blessed and luckiest day of the year!

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  • You have to juggle countless schedules; your own, your finance e 's, and important family members. But this is one of the most important days of your life, a magical time where love reigns supreme.

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    While there are lots of days that would excellent for your wedding day, there are some that are not usually recommended. Major holidays can be appealing, but keep in mind that other people who would love to see you tie the knot might have plans for that long weekend or break. You should also try to be considerate of religious holidays as those dates may be especially significant for some of your guests.